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My beloved grandfather passed away 23 years ago. I was only 12 years old when this special person in my life died. However, this man taught me so many things during the few years I spent with him. My grandfather was also an accomplished guitarist. A few months ago, I visited the home he shared with my grandmother. While searching through his old belongings, I found a guitar pick. To keep the memory of my grandfather alive, I want to make a necklace out of this special token from my grandfather’s past. On this blog, you will discover how to make jewelry items from guitar picks.



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A Special Piece of Jewelry

Investing In Your Footwear: What You Should Know About Cowboy Boots

by Priscilla Gray

Most people know that the shoes on your feet can make or break the outfits you wear. And when you are going for that Western or cowboy look, you cannot pair dress shoes or standard athletic shoes with the outfit. The only option to pull your look together is to get yourself that perfect pair of cowboy boots. However, if you have never purchased yourself a pair of cowboy boots before, you may not know where to start. So, get to know some of the important facts about cowboy boots and then get to work finding your perfect pair of boots. 

There Are Two Basic Types Of Cowboy Boots

True cowboy boots come in two distinct styles, classic (Western) and roper. Traditional cowboy boots are the taller of the two. The boot usually goes up to the middle of the calf or higher, and has a slightly elevated heel along with pointed toes.

Roper-style cowboy boots, on the other hand, have a shorter shaft (body) that covers the ankle but does not extend much higher. The heel of the boot is shorter and more squared off, as is the toe of the boot.

Both of these styles of boots are considered to be "true" cowboy boots, and therefore will add an authenticity to your western or cowboy-style outfit. So, when it comes to choosing between classic and roper boots, choose the option that is most comfortable for you.

Cowboy Boot Materials

When it comes to selecting your cowboy boots, the boot materials absolutely matter. While buying a cheap pair of cowboy-like boots at a discount store may save you money, you will not be getting the authentic cowboy boot experience, and they will not last as long as those made of high-quality materials.

Genuine leather is the ideal cowboy boot material. It should be soft and supple so that the boots are comfortable and flexible. This allows you to move as you should. Additionally, genuine leather will last you longer than cheaper materials.

If you are really looking to invest a large amount of money in your cowboy boots, you can also consider materials such as snakeskin, crocodile skin or even ostrich skin. Because these materials are more rare and difficult to come by, boots made from these hides will be more expensive, but have similar quality to genuine leather and with proper care will last a long time.

Knowing more about cowboy boots before you buy will help you to select the perfect pair of boots to complete your outfit. Remember to choose the style and materials that best suit your needs and comfort. You also must understand that investing in a true pair of cowboy boots will be an investment, but the cost will be worth it when you have the perfect pair of cowboy boots that last you for years to come.