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My beloved grandfather passed away 23 years ago. I was only 12 years old when this special person in my life died. However, this man taught me so many things during the few years I spent with him. My grandfather was also an accomplished guitarist. A few months ago, I visited the home he shared with my grandmother. While searching through his old belongings, I found a guitar pick. To keep the memory of my grandfather alive, I want to make a necklace out of this special token from my grandfather’s past. On this blog, you will discover how to make jewelry items from guitar picks.


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A Special Piece of Jewelry

A Stylish Accent Piece That Can Be Worn Independently Or With Other Garments

by Priscilla Gray

A rib knit pattern is more elastic and pliable than the standard jersey knit stitch. Ribbed knit features two distinct stitch types that alternate across each side of a piece of fabric. A bandeau top is a product that may feature the rib knit stitch. This type of garment is form-fitting.

A Ribbed Knit Product

A bandeau is a band of fabric that is designed to be worn around the bust. It may resemble a bra and contain a curved pattern or may possess a uniform shape that has straight edges. A bandeau top may contain statin trim, buttons, and other decorative features that will draw attention to the garment. A manufacturer of a bandeau may use a hand-knitting procedure or a machine knitting one to mass-produce garments that will be sold in clothing stores.

The Product Selection Process

A pink yarn product is one that will be suited for any time of the year. A pink bandeau may be one that you would like to wear during the beginning of spring or on a hot day in which you would like to bare the upper part of your body. A ribbed knit product will add support to your bustline. Many clothiers feature bandeau products that are designed with wicking technology. Wicking technology will draw away moisture from the bust.

When shopping for a bandeau top, focus on whether or not you will be wearing the new garment by itself or with some of your other clothing items. You may decide to use the bandeau in both manners. For instance, a knit bandeau can be worn with a pair of shorts or a skirt. For this type of look, you may prefer to wear the bandeau on a day that is hot.

On alternate occasions, pair your new bandeau with a mesh shirt or a blouse. The bandeau can serve as one layer of your outfit. If you choose to cover the bandeau with a mesh shirt, the mesh fabric will allow the bandeau to remain visible through the mesh.

If you cover a bandeau with a button-down shirt, you may prefer to leave a few of the buttons undone. This will allow the knit bandeau to remain visible. Shop for a product that is advertised as requiring standard care steps. Shop for a bright pink or soft pink garment that can be machine-washed and dried.

Contact a company like GSTQ to learn more about pink ribbed knit bandeau tops.