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My beloved grandfather passed away 23 years ago. I was only 12 years old when this special person in my life died. However, this man taught me so many things during the few years I spent with him. My grandfather was also an accomplished guitarist. A few months ago, I visited the home he shared with my grandmother. While searching through his old belongings, I found a guitar pick. To keep the memory of my grandfather alive, I want to make a necklace out of this special token from my grandfather’s past. On this blog, you will discover how to make jewelry items from guitar picks.



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A Special Piece of Jewelry

Two Tips For Cleaning Your Dress Shirts

by Priscilla Gray

Caring for your athletic dress shirts can be a somewhat confusing task, because these shirts can easily be damaged while you are washing them. However, though the need to wash your shirt will eventually be unavoidable, this does not have to be a seemingly random gamble as to whether your shirt will emerge from this process unharmed. By following these two simple tips, you can help avoid a couple of common causes of problems for dress shirts. 

Avoid Having The Shirt Dry Cleaned

There are some people that assume that dry cleaning is the best option for dress shirts because it will spare them the risk of stretching and shrinking that comes with a standard wash. While it is true that these two problems are not a threat when you opt for this type of cleaning, it should be noted that there are other problems that can arise from dry cleaning. For example, this type of cleaning is unable to remove water based stains or dirt, and this can cause your shirt to gradually develop major discolorations. 

To avoid these problems, you may be able to set your washing machine to the gentle cycle and use cold water. However, if you are not wanting to take this risk with your shirt, hand washing in a sink with cold water may be the best option. This will allow you to thoroughly clean your shirt without the risk of stretching or shrinking that comes from using standard washing machines. 

Make Sure You Unbutton All Of The Buttons On The Shirt Before Washing

Unfortunately, some people will simply toss the shirt into the washing machine without first unbuttoning all the buttons on the collars, sleeves, wrists and the front of the shirt. This may seem like an innocent way of saving time on doing the laundry, but it can make your shirt far more likely to suffer damage during the washing cycle. 

It is possible for other items of clothing or components of the washing machine to get caught between the buttons. This can cause the shirt to be more likely to stretch and ruin. By releasing your buttons, you will make it far less likely that your items of clothing will become tangled. 

Caring for your dress shirts can be a somewhat confusing task because these garments can be easily damaged. By following these two tips, you can help ensure that your shirt avoids a couple of common sources of damage that can occur when you are washing the garment.