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My beloved grandfather passed away 23 years ago. I was only 12 years old when this special person in my life died. However, this man taught me so many things during the few years I spent with him. My grandfather was also an accomplished guitarist. A few months ago, I visited the home he shared with my grandmother. While searching through his old belongings, I found a guitar pick. To keep the memory of my grandfather alive, I want to make a necklace out of this special token from my grandfather’s past. On this blog, you will discover how to make jewelry items from guitar picks.


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A Special Piece of Jewelry

Six Things to Look for When Buying Swimwear

by Priscilla Gray

When it comes to buying swimwear, there is a lot to consider beyond price. Sure, shoppers want the best deal possible but at what cost? If the swimsuit you purchase doesn't fit well or if it makes you feel self-conscious when wearing it, it is a waste of your money, Instead, focus on the things that matter more.

Six things to look for when buying swimwear are:

1. High Quality

Choose a quality swimsuit over the best bargain. Sure, it is nice to find a deal on swimwear, but don't let that be the only reason you choose a particular suit. A higher-quality suit will stand up to the sun, salt water, and chemicals in swimming pools, while a lesser quality swimsuit will fade, wear, and rot in no time.  

2. Natural Materials

Whenever possible, go with natural fabrics and materials in any apparel that you buy. These will be more comfortable on the skin and may have a longer life than synthetic variations. Cotton, silk, hemp, bamboo, and merino are each natural and often organic fibers that comprise some swimwear pieces.

3. Good Fit

The right fit is imperative to finding a suit that you are happy with; since swimwear tends to run smaller, go with a size larger than what your normal shirt or dress size would be. Seek an inch of 'give' under the straps of suits or tops and look for bottoms that lie flat against your skin without excess puckering.

4. Timeless Styles

Choose classic styles that are not too trendy for a swimsuit that you will wear season after season. You can always change-up your swimwear to suit the season, such as with a cute cover-up, unique jewelry, or the right accessories.

5. Flattering Shape

If you do not like how you look in your swimsuit, you likely won't wear it. Choose something that flatters your silhouette. For example, if you are short, go with a tankini or swimwear separates; choose a monochromatic color palette for the most flattering look that elongates the body.

6. Trusted Brands

Buy your swimsuit from a brand that you trust. Choose high-end, luxury brands rather than fast fashion; fast fashion focuses on the here and now with no regard toward timelessness or sustainability. Go with a quality brand, made in the US when possible, for ethically made or sourced swimwear.

Keep these six things in-mind when shopping for your next swimwear. Spend a little more on the perfect suit now and know that a quality suit that looks great on you is something you will have for years to come.

For more information, look into high-quality brands like dosgardenias.com.