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My beloved grandfather passed away 23 years ago. I was only 12 years old when this special person in my life died. However, this man taught me so many things during the few years I spent with him. My grandfather was also an accomplished guitarist. A few months ago, I visited the home he shared with my grandmother. While searching through his old belongings, I found a guitar pick. To keep the memory of my grandfather alive, I want to make a necklace out of this special token from my grandfather’s past. On this blog, you will discover how to make jewelry items from guitar picks.


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A Special Piece of Jewelry

Keys To Buying Athletic Sneakers For The Office

by Priscilla Gray

Traditionally, men would often wear dress shoes to the office. While you can still do so today, there are many other options that can work well. Athletic sneakers can be an appealing choice, in large part because of the comfort that they provide. Whether you spend a lot of time standing up to present during meetings or you're constantly moving around the office throughout the workday, you'll appreciate how athletic sneakers can keep your feet from feeling sore and tired by the end of the day. The overall atmosphere of the office will partly dictate what type of athletic sneakers you can wear, but here are some keys to keep in mind.

Dark Color

While you might wear vibrant sneakers for a night out on the town, this isn't a good idea in most office environments. In order to keep a professional look, it's important to choose shoes that have a dark color. There are all sorts of athletic sneakers that come in understated colors, and going this route can be an effective way to avoid drawing unnecessary attention to your footwear. Shoes that are solid black, gray, or brown, or perhaps a combination of a couple of these colors can work well.

Low Cut

High-top athletic sneakers offer ankle support, making them a good choice for playing pick-up basketball at your local court. You won't really need ankle support when you're walking around the office, however, so opting for a pair of low-cut athletic shoes will be your best bet. In addition to having more of a professional appearance, the low-cut design will work well with your pants. High-cut shoes can make your pants bunch up at the bottoms, which can look unprofessional. Virtually any type of pants will sit smoothly over the top of low-cut sneakers.

Quiet Soles

When you find a few pairs of athletic sneakers that you're considering buying to wear for work, try them on and walk around to assess how they sound. Some sneakers squeak on certain flooring types, including hardwood and tile. The last thing that you want when buying sneakers to wear at work is for the soles to be loud — especially if you spend a lot of the workday walking around the office. Your shoe store salesperson can recommend a few types of shoes that are known for having quiet soles, which is an important feature to have in this scenario.

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